The authenticity of natural cedar shingles meets the performance of a composite

Down to the last detail, Beach House Shake has the natural color variations, genuine saw cuts, and detailed grain patterns of natural cedar shingles. Its architecturally precise 5” re-squared and rebutted lines deliver individual shingles as unique as they are beautiful.

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Natural Cedar Shingles

  • Once installed, natural cedar shingles discolor quickly and unevenly
  • For protection and to overcome discoloration, cedar shingles are commonly painted, but this hides cedar’s natural beauty.
  • Natural cedar shingles are in increasingly limited supply
  • In addition to discoloring, natural cedar shingles cup and split when exposed to the elements

Beach House Shake

  • Beach House Shake stays looking “perfect” – just like the day it was installed for the life of the home
  • Unique KAPGUARD® with Kynar® coating provides lasting beauty and color protection for 20+ years
  • Architecturally precise 5” re-squared and rebutted shingles deliver the charm and beauty of natural cedar shingles
  • Approved by Miami-Dade County for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones and severe weather conditions

Chip Wade, Master Carpenter & Emmy-winning Home Improvement Expert

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We’re known for supplying natural cedar shingles - part of the beauty and charm of this region. We’ve been researching alternative offerings to complement our natural cedar shingle business. It was paramount that the new product protects both the tradition and beauty of the Cape with the undeniable appearance of bleached cedar shingles. Unmatched performance and ease of installation were “must haves” and we’re excited to select Beach House Shake as the brand that has the appearance, performance, and application ease for our customers.

Mid-Cape Home Centers, MA

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Most people in New England use bleached cedar shingles. We wanted something different and love the darker shades of cedar shingles that are seen in the southern coastal areas. We chose Beach House Shake’s Hatteras because of its authentic cedar shingle look. It was really the perfect solution for us.


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Rhode Island is iconic for its weathered cedar shingle look and we’re excited to offer a high-performance alternative to natural white and red cedar shingles that doesn’t compromise on beauty. In a big second home market, no one wants to be faced with extensive repairs and maintenance after a long winter.

Arnold Lumber Company, RI

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