Fresh Cut – Eastern White Cedar Style

Achieve the warmth of brand new eastern white cedar. Sandcastle looks stunning on full walls and entire homes, and can also be used to brighten and accentuate architectural details such as gable ends. It pairs beautifully with white trim, giving the feeling of the first day of vacation.

Fresh Cut – Western Red Cedar Style

Get the look of freshly cut western red cedar. Pacifica combines beautifully with earthy, natural tones, and is a natural fit for Craftsman-inspired homes. Its deep red blend makes it a bold color, but the fact that it harkens back to ancient Pacific forests makes it timeless, rather than trendy.

Gently Weathered – Untreated Cedar Style

Capture the silvery gray tones of weathered cedar typically seen in northern coastal regions. Atlantica is the perfect way to replicate the charm of a seaside beach house. Pair it with white trim & windows for a more subtle look, or black trim & windows to make the colors pop.

Weathered – Untreated Cedar Style

Replicate the deeper gray shakes commonly found in southern coastal regions. Hatteras is an excellent choice to replicate the appeal of a classic seaside retreat or a farmhouse. Pair it with white trim & windows for a more dramatic look, or black trim & windows for a more subdued impression.

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