Classic Beauty Without Compromise

Beach House Shake is the only product on the market that will stay looking like the day it was installed – a promise that's backed by an unmatched 20-year "Beautiful Freedom" limited warranty.

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Natural Cedar

  • Even properly treated cedar will absorb moisture that can cause the wood to cup and crack
  • Exposure to the elements and UV light causes cedar to discolor and fade over time
  • Natural cedar requires constant attention and must be maintained year after year
  • Cedar is susceptible to rot, decay, pests, and weather damage that undermine its integrity

Beach House Shake

  • Impervious to moisture — stands up to salt spray, storms, humidity, wind, and snow
  • KAPGUARD® with Kynar® coating provides even color protection, guaranteed for 20+ years
  • Stays looking like the day it was installed with little to no effort or upkeep by the homeowner
  • Approved by Miami-Dade County for High Velocity Hurricane Zones and severe weather conditions

Beach House Shake Time Machine

Everything You Want From Natural Cedar. Nothing You Don’t.

Fresh cedar has a warm rich hue until exposure to the elements causes unattractive discoloration, streaking, and splitting. Restoring and preserving the natural look is a never-ending battle. Just imagine if your cedar could stay looking like the day it was installed, for the life of your home. Natural cedar can’t, but Beach House Shake can.

Beach House Shake will look like freshly milled or gently weathered Western Red or Eastern White cedar for decades after it's been installed with no deterioration and no upkeep, guaranteed by our 20-year "Beautiful Freedom" limited warranty.

Day 1

Natural Cedar


Day 1

Beach House Shake


Before and After

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We loved Beach House Shake’s “Hatteras” gray color because it fits right into the New England coastal look – and mostly, the realism – you can’t tell that it’s not actual cedar shake. Our house is designed to be low-maintenance, so Beach House Shake was the perfect solution.


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