Tando Composites Aligns with New Category Creation

Quebec City, Quebec -- Derby Building Products has announced its Tando division has been officially renamed Tando Composites, paying tribute to its state-of-the-art composite technology. Tando Composites offers two exterior cladding solutions – Beach House Shake®, the authentic composite shingle, and TandoStone®, the #1 brand of composite stone. Beach House Shake is the brand leader in the composite shingle category and is a clear substitution for homeowners who demand the undeniable appearance of individual natural cedar shingles while leading brand TandoStone is changing the way the market applies stone accents.

The advancement of composite technology to deliver realistic beauty and performance beyond traditional materials has been the catalyst that helped create leading brands in new categories within the building industry. Ralph Bruno, CEO of Derby Building Products, the parent company of Tando Composites, started his journey into composites in the 1990s – serving as a sales and marketing executive with Trex® and establishing the new category of composite decking with the leading brand. In 2001, as President of AZEK®, Bruno successfully launched the AZEK® brand which created the new category of cellular PVC trim with AZEK still the leading brand in that category. In 2007, Bruno spearheaded another new category innovation with AZEK Deck, a PVC deck board that introduced the market to a deck board that did not scratch, stain, or split. In all instances, Bruno was instrumental in launching brands that successfully replaced large, unbranded categories of wood deck and wood trim products. It is that experience and knowledge that has helped Bruno propel Tando Composites’ product lines to a new level of authenticity.

"Updating the brand's name to Tando Composites reflects decades of manufacturing development that is revolutionizing the exterior cladding category," said Bruno. “Just as we did with Trex decking, we have taken a consumer-focused approach for our Beach House Shake brand while taking a more trade-focused approach as when AZEK Trim was launched. When homeowners at a condo development in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, tell me their visitors believe the Beach House Shake is natural cedar shingles, I know we are on our way. Likewise, we have top exterior remodelers switching from stone veneer to TandoStone and commenting they now have a stone product that installs as quickly and easily as traditional siding. This is a game changer!”

Beach House Shake, with the undeniable look of individual, natural cedar shingles, perfectly replicates cedar’s natural color variations, saw cuts, and grain patterns. In four shades that resemble fresh-cut Eastern white, fresh-cut Western red, bleach oil shingles, or deeply weathered Eastern white cedar, Beach House Shake authentically meets the local design style in any geography. Unlike natural cedar shingles, Beach House Shake will stay looking perfect, without any discoloration, from the day it was installed for the life of the home. Additionally, Beach House Shake holds a Notice of Approval from Miami-Dade County for use in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones and severe weather conditions. For the contractor, installation is fast and easy using standard tools and 80% fewer fasteners than individual cedar shingles.

TandoStone, a game changer for siding installers, delivers the authentic look and feel of stone to create on-trend mixed material home exteriors. The leading brand of composite stone, TandoStone is available in various colors and two profiles: Stacked Stone, featuring a dry stack profile without grout lines, and Creek Ledgestone, imitating the appearance of hand-picked stones with visible grout lines. Using standard siding tools, TandoStone can be installed in a fraction of the time compared to natural stone or stone veneer.

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About Tando Composites
Tando, a brand of Derby Building Products, is the leader in composite exterior cladding with TandoStone®, the #1 brand of composite stone, and Beach House Shake®, the authentic composite shingle. Backed by more than five decades of product innovation, Tando produces high performance products that professionals prefer and consumers demand. For more information on Beach House Shake or TandoStone, visit or


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