See Beach House Shake on your home.

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There's no better way to tell if you'll like the look of Beach House Shake on your home than to see the look for yourself.


Use the form on this page to send us a photo of your home. A member of our team will use our software to apply Beach House Shake in the color or colors you choose to the locations that you specify, then email the image back to you. This is a $50 value, that we are offering for free!


Before pictureBHS BEFORE

After picture




To see your home clad in Beach House Shake right away, you can do the design work yourself using the My Home Creator on the Tando website. 

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PHOTO TIPS: Take a high resolution, in-focus photo in landscape format (wider than tall). Make sure it gives an unobstructed view of your home and showcases the area of interest. Make sure the image is at least 1600 pixels wide and no larger than 16 MB. Acceptable formats are JPG, JPEG and PNG. 

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